Zinc stearate finds several applications in pharmaceuticals and tablet manufacturing due to its unique properties. Some common uses of zinc stearate in pharmaceuticals and tablets include:


Zinc stearate serves as a lubricant in tablet manufacturing processes to facilitate the smooth ejection of tablets from molds and punches during compression. It reduces friction between the tablet formulation and the surfaces of the equipment, preventing sticking and ensuring uniform tablet quality. Zinc stearate lubrication also helps to minimize wear and tear on the tablet press, prolonging its lifespan and reducing maintenance requirements.


Zinc stearate acts as an anti-adherent in tablet formulations, preventing the adhesion of the tablet blend to the surfaces of punches and dies. By reducing sticking and capping, zinc stearate helps to improve tablet appearance, integrity, and uniformity, ensuring consistent drug delivery and dosage accuracy.


Zinc stearate can function as a glidant in tablet formulations, improving the flow properties of powdered ingredients and enhancing their compressibility during tablet compaction. It helps to reduce friction between particles, promote uniform powder flow, and facilitate the filling of dies, resulting in more efficient tablet production and higher tablet hardness.


In some cases, zinc stearate may act as a disintegrant in tablet formulations, assisting in the rapid breakdown and dissolution of tablets upon ingestion. While zinc stearate is not primarily used for this purpose, its lubricating properties may contribute to tablet disintegration by reducing interparticle friction and promoting tablet swelling and fragmentation.


Zinc stearate can be used as an excipient in pharmaceutical formulations, particularly in topical medications, ointments, and creams. It serves as a vehicle for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), enhancing their dispersibility, stability, and skin penetration. Zinc stearate also imparts emollient properties to topical formulations, moisturizing the skin and improving patient compliance.

Coating Agent

In tablet coating applications, zinc stearate may be used as a coating agent to improve the appearance, taste, and swallowability of tablets. It helps to create a smooth, glossy coating on the tablet surface, masking any unpleasant taste or odour and providing protection against moisture, light, and oxidation.