Sucrose benzoate is used in nail lacquers as a plasticizer and film-forming agent. Its primary function is to improve the flexibility and durability of the lacquer film on the nail.

In some cases, Sucrose Benzoate is used as a functional additive and an enamel agent. It is the main addition component of nail polish to improve the brightness, film adhesion, water resistance, abrasion resistance and hardness of nail polish film.

Sucrose benzoate can also serve as a viscosity regulator in nail lacquers, helping to control the thickness and consistency of the product. This can be particularly useful for achieving the desired texture and ease of application during the manufacturing process.

By adding sucrose benzoate to nail lacquer formulations, manufacturers can enhance the overall performance of the product, resulting in a smoother application, better adhesion to the nail surface, and increased resistance to chipping and peeling. Additionally, it may contribute to the overall stability and shelf-life of the product.