Neopentyl glycol dibenzoate (NPGDB) can serve as an effective extrusion aid in rigid vinyl compounds, such as rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) formulations. Benefits of using Neopentyl glycol dibenzoate (NPGDB) are as follows.

Improved Melt Flow

NPGDB acts as a lubricant and processing aid in rigid vinyl compounds, enhancing their melt flow properties during extrusion. It reduces the friction between polymer chains and the metal surfaces of processing equipment, allowing the material to flow more smoothly through the extruder and die.

Reduced Die Build-Up

The presence of NPGDB helps to minimize die build-up and fouling during extrusion of rigid vinyl compounds. It prevents the adherence of polymer melt to the surfaces of the extrusion equipment, leading to smoother processing and reduced downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

Enhanced Processing Stability

NPGDB improves the processing stability of rigid vinyl compounds by reducing melt viscosity variations and promoting more consistent processing conditions. This results in improved dimensional control and uniformity of the extruded product.

Surface Finish Improvement

Incorporating NPGDB into rigid vinyl formulations can lead to improved surface finish of extruded profiles or products. It helps reduce surface imperfections such as melt fracture, sharkskin, or surface roughness, resulting in smoother and more aesthetically pleasing finished products.

Optimization of Processing Parameters

By acting as an extrusion aid, NPGDB allows for the optimization of processing parameters such as extrusion temperature, screw speed, and throughput rate. This optimization can lead to increased production efficiency and reduced energy consumption during extrusion processes.

Compatibility with PVC

NPGDB exhibits good compatibility with PVC and other additives commonly used in rigid vinyl formulations. It does not negatively affect the mechanical or thermal properties of the final product and can be easily incorporated into existing formulations without requiring major adjustments.