Dyeing Assistant

Micronized sodium sulfate can act as a dyeing assistant in textile dyeing processes. It helps to ensure even dye penetration and colour consistency by promoting the uniform distribution of dyes across the textile fibres.

Levelling Agent

Sodium sulfate can also function as a levelling agent in textile dyeing. It helps to prevent uneven dye uptake by the fibres, resulting in more uniform coloration and reducing the risk of streaking or patchiness in the dyed fabric.

pH Buffer

Sodium sulfate can serve as a pH buffer in textile dyeing baths, helping to maintain the desired pH level for optimal dyeing performance. This is particularly important for acid or reactive dye systems where pH control is critical for achieving the desired color fastness and dye fixation.

Salting-out Agent

In some dyeing processes, micronized sodium sulfate may be used as a salting-out agent to enhance dye solubility and improve dye uptake by the textile fibers. This can help to increase the efficiency of the dyeing process and reduce dye consumption.

Dye Fixation

Sodium sulfate can assist in the fixation of certain dyes onto textile fibers. By promoting the formation of dye-fiber complexes and improving the adhesion of dyes to the fiber surface, sodium sulfate helps to enhance the colorfastness and washfastness of dyed textiles.

Washing-off Aid

After the dyeing process, sodium sulfate can aid in the washing-off of excess dye from the textile fabric. It helps to facilitate the removal of unfixed or loosely bound dye molecules, reducing the risk of bleeding or color migration in the finished product.