Micronized Sodium Sulfate, or finely ground sodium sulfate, is used in the textile industry for various purposes. Its primary applications in textiles include

Dyeing and Printing ( Levelling agent)

Micronized Sodium Sulfate is used as an auxiliary in the dyeing and printing processes of textiles. It helps improve the evenness and depth of colour during dyeing, acting as a levelling agent.

Dyeing and Printing ( Desalting agent)

Micronized Sodium Sulfate can also act as a desalting agent in dye baths, removing excess salt ions that can interfere with the dyeing process.

Textile Finishing

Micronized Sodium Sulfate is used in the finishing process of textiles to enhance fabric properties. Sodium sulfate can be employed as a texturizing agent to create special effects on fabrics, such as creating a crinkled or wrinkled appearance.

Textile Pretreatment

In some cases, Micronized Sodium Sulfate is used in pretreatment processes to prepare textiles for dyeing or printing. It can help remove impurities, oils, and sizing agents from the fabric, allowing for better dye absorption and adhesion.

Sizing Agent

Micronized Sodium Sulfate can be used as a sizing agent in the textile industry. Sizing agents are applied to yarns to improve their strength, reduce friction, and enhance weaving performance.

Temperature Control

Micronized Sodium Sulfate is sometimes used in dyeing and finishing processes to control the temperature of the dye bath or finishing bath.

Cost-effective filler

Micronized Sodium Sulfate can be added to certain textile formulations as a cost-effective filler or diluent.