Polymer Add (Thailand) Co Ltd, manufactures Micronized Sodium Sulfate 99 % Anhydrous for transparent application for polymer Industries. Typical uses of Micronized Sodium Sulfate are as follows.

Filler and Reinforcement

Micronized Sodium Sulfate can be used as a filler or reinforcing agent in plastic formulations. It can enhance the mechanical properties of plastics, such as tensile strength, flexural modulus, and impact resistance. The micronized form allows for better dispersion within the polymer matrix, contributing to improved reinforcement.

Flame Retardant

Micronized Sodium Sulfate has limited flame-retardant properties by itself, but when micronized and incorporated into plastics formulations along with other flame retardants, it can help improve the fire resistance of the final product. It may serve as a synergist or a part of a flame-retardant system.

Impact Modifier

In some cases, Micronized Sodium Sulfate can act as an impact modifier when used in combination with other additives. It can help improve the impact strength of certain plastics, making them more resistant to cracking or breaking under stress.

Cost Reduction

Micronized Sodium Sulfate can be used as a cost-effective filler or extender in plastic formulations. It can help reduce the overall cost of the plastic product by replacing more expensive additives or polymer resins.

Anti-Blocking Agent

In plastic films and sheets, Micronized Sodium Sulfate can be used as an anti-blocking agent to prevent the sticking of layers or surfaces. This is especially important in the production and packaging of plastic films.

Typical Specifications (Micronized Sodium Sulfate)

Visible ImpuritiesNONO
Sodium Sulphate%99+99+
Loss of Ignition @600 C%0.2 Max0.2 Max
Moisture When Packed%1 Max1 Max
Bulk Density (Micronized)Gm./ltr.0.5-0.60.3-0.4
D99 (Laser Particle size Analyzer)MicronsMax 20Max 10

Sodium sulfate anhydrous is an FDA-approved food additive (E-number E514) used as a thickening agent, filler, or anticaking agent in certain food products.