Micronized oxidized polyethylene wax (MPOW) can be effectively utilized in the dip coating process of industrial gloves, providing various benefits and enhancing the performance of the gloves. Here are some common uses of MPOW in this application:

Release Agent

MPOW acts as a release agent during the dip coating process, preventing the latex or rubber used to coat the gloves from sticking to the dipping mandrels or other surfaces. This facilitates the easy removal of the coated gloves from the molds, ensuring uniform coating thickness and quality.

Surface Lubrication

Incorporating MPOW into the dip coating formulation helps to lubricate the surface of the gloves, reducing friction and making them easier to don and doff. This enhances user comfort and convenience, particularly in applications where gloves need to be worn for extended periods.

Improved Barrier Properties

MPOW can enhance the barrier properties of the glove coatings, providing better protection against chemicals, oils, solvents, and other substances. This is particularly important in industrial settings where workers may be exposed to hazardous materials.

Reduced Tackiness

The presence of MPOW in the dip coating formulation helps to reduce the tackiness of the glove surface, preventing them from sticking together during storage or transport. This ensures that the gloves remain in good condition and are easy to separate when needed.

Enhanced Abrasion Resistance

MPOW improves the durability and abrasion resistance of the glove coatings, prolonging their lifespan and reducing the likelihood of tears, punctures, or damage during use. This is especially beneficial in demanding industrial environments where gloves may be subjected to rough handling or abrasive surfaces.

Anti-blocking Properties

MPOW acts as an anti-blocking agent, preventing the coated gloves from sticking together or to other surfaces when stacked or stored. This helps to maintain the integrity of the coatings and ensures that the gloves remain usable and functional.

Improved Surface Finish

Incorporating MPOW into the dip coating formulation results in a smoother and more uniform surface finish on the gloves, enhancing their appearance and tactile feel. This contributes to a higher-quality product and improves user satisfaction.

Compatibility with Latex and Rubber

MPOW is compatible with latex and rubber materials commonly used in glove manufacturing, allowing for easy incorporation into dip coating formulations without affecting the properties of the base materials.