Ethylene glycol dibenzoate (EGDB) is indeed used as a phlegmatizer in certain applications, particularly in the field of explosives and propellants.

A phlegmatizer is a compound that minimizes the explosive tendency of compound or material. The term is derived from the word phlegmatic, meaning ‘not easily excited’. Many chemical compounds that are potentially explosive have useful non-explosive applications. Common to all these substances is that their melting point is above 40 ℃.

Other benzoates which are used as Phlegmatizers.

Ethylene Glycol DibenzoatePhenyl Benzoate
Trimethylol Propane TribenzoateGlyceryl Tribenzoate

Ethylene glycol dibenzoate (EGDB) can be added to explosive compositions to modify their physical properties, such as viscosity and flexibility, without significantly altering their explosive characteristics. By increasing the viscosity of the explosive mixture, EGDB helps to immobilize potentially reactive components, making the formulation less prone to accidental detonation.