Aluminium silicate, also known as aluminium silicate hydrate or hydrated alumino-silicate, is a type of clay mineral that finds various uses in polymer applications due to its unique properties. Here are some common uses of Aluminium silicate in polymers:


Aluminium silicate is often used as a reinforcing filler in polymers to improve mechanical properties such as stiffness, strength, and dimensional stability. When dispersed within the polymer matrix, Aluminium silicate particles act as reinforcement agents, enhancing the composite’s performance.

Thermal Stability

Aluminium silicate has excellent thermal stability, making it suitable for use in polymers intended for high-temperature applications. It helps improve the thermal resistance of the polymer composite, making it more suitable for use in environments with elevated temperatures.

Flame Retardancy

Aluminium silicate can act as a flame-retardant filler in polymers. When incorporated into the polymer matrix, it can release water vapor upon heating, which dilutes flammable gases and inhibits the combustion process. This property makes Aluminium silicate a valuable additive in flame-retardant formulations for various polymer applications.

Electrical Insulation

Due to its dielectric properties, Aluminium silicate is used as a filler in polymers to enhance electrical insulation properties. It helps reduce electrical conductivity and improve the dielectric strength of the polymer composite, making it suitable for applications requiring electrical insulation, such as cables, insulators, and electronic devices.

Thickening and Rheology Control

Aluminium silicate can be used as a thickening agent and rheology modifier in polymer formulations, especially in adhesives, sealants, coatings, and paints. It helps control viscosity, improve stability, and prevent sagging or settling of the polymer formulation during storage or application.

Barrier Properties

Aluminium silicate can enhance the barrier properties of polymers against gases, liquids, and odours. It forms a tortuous path for the diffusion of molecules through the polymer matrix, thereby improving the barrier performance of the composite material.

Abrasion Resistance

In applications where abrasion resistance is crucial, such as automotive parts, protective coatings, and industrial components, Aluminium silicate can be used as a filler to improve the wear resistance and durability of polymers.