Dielectric Constant (Permittivity)

Antimonates Sodium antimonate typically exhibits a moderate to high dielectric constant, making it suitable for applications requiring high capacitance values in MLCCs.Titanates Titanate-based dielectric materials, such as barium titanate and strontium titanate, generally offer higher dielectric constants compared to antimonates. This allows titanate based MLCCs to achieve higher capacitance values in a given volume.
Temperature Stability
Antimonates Antimonate-based dielectrics may exhibit moderate to good temperature stability, depending on the specific composition and processing parameters.Titanates Titanate-based dielectric materials typically offer excellent temperature stability, making them suitable for applications where capacitance stability over a wide temperature range is essential.
Voltage Dependency
Antimonates Sodium antimonate-based dielectrics may exhibit moderate voltage dependency, leading to some variation in capacitance with applied voltage.Titanates Titanate-based dielectric materials generally have low voltage dependency, resulting in minimal variation in capacitance with applied voltage. This characteristic is particularly important for applications requiring stable capacitance under varying operating conditions.
Aging Characteristics
Antimonates Antimonate-based dielectrics may exhibit some degree of aging over time, leading to gradual changes in capacitance and other electrical properties.  Titanates Titanate-based dielectric materials typically have excellent aging characteristics, with minimal drift in capacitance over extended periods of time. This stability ensures long-term reliability in MLCCs.
Antimonates Sodium antimonate-based dielectrics may offer cost advantages compared to titanate-based materials, depending on factors such as availability, manufacturing processes, and market demand.Titanates Titanate-based dielectric materials may have higher production costs compared to antimonates due to the use of rare earth elements and more complex processing methods.
High dielectric constantsExcellent temperature stabilityLow voltage dependencySuperior aging characteristicsUse only in niche applicationsUsed where moderate dielectric constants needed.Cheaper to produce than titanates.