Micronized zinc oxide, which refers to zinc oxide particles that have been finely milled to a small particle size, finds various commercial applications due to its unique properties. Some of the common commercial applications of micronized zinc oxide include:

Sunscreen and Skincare Products

Micronized zinc oxide is widely used in sunscreens and skincare products due to its ability to provide broad-spectrum UV protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Its small particle size allows for better dispersion and transparency, leading to improved aesthetics in sunscreen formulations.


Micronized zinc oxide is utilized in cosmetics such as foundations, tinted moisturizers, and BB creams to provide UV protection without leaving a white cast on the skin. It is often preferred over traditional zinc oxide due to its enhanced transparency and blendability.

Paints and Coatings

Micronized zinc oxide is added to paints and coatings as a pigment and to provide UV protection, corrosion resistance, and durability. Its small particle size allows for better dispersion and coverage in paint formulations.

Plastics and Polymers

Micronized zinc oxide can be incorporated into plastics and polymers to enhance UV stability, mechanical properties, flame retardancy, and antibacterial properties. Its small particle size allows for better dispersion and compatibility with polymer matrices.

Adhesives and Sealants

Micronized zinc oxide can be added to adhesives and sealants to improve their UV resistance, adhesion properties, and durability in outdoor applications.

Overall, micronized zinc oxide offers a wide range of commercial applications across various industries, leveraging its unique properties such as UV protection, antimicrobial activity, and compatibility with different materials.