Sucrose benzoate, a derivative of sucrose and benzoic acid, finds application in various industries due to its properties as a plasticizer, film-forming agent, and viscosity modifier. Here are some common uses:


Sucrose benzoate can be used as an excipient in pharmaceutical formulations, where it serves as a coating agent for tablets or as a component in topical creams and ointments.


In cosmetics, sucrose benzoate is utilized in products such as nail lacquers, where it acts as a plasticizer, improving flexibility and durability of the lacquer film on the nail.


Sucrose benzoate can be incorporated into adhesive formulations, especially cellulose nitrate-based adhesives, to enhance flexibility, film formation, and stability.


Though not as prevalent, sucrose benzoate could potentially be used in textile printing processes as a film-forming agent or viscosity modifier, though it’s not a standard additive in this industry.


Sucrose benzoate may find application as a plasticizer in certain plastic formulations, where it helps improve flexibility and resilience of the plastic material.