Polypropylene wax has low molecular weight. It is the good of the current polyolefin processing additives. Polypropylene wax has a high melting point, low melting degrees, lubricity and good dispersion characteristic.

Specifications :

AppearanceWhite granular
Melting Point (℃)145
Penetration (DMM)2
Viscosity (CPS)≤200

Polypropylene wax has wide application in various industries as follows –

Polymer Additive Industry:

Polypropylene wax is used as polyolefin processing additives. Polypropylene wax is used in processing high viscosity polypropylene filament.

Polypropylene wax can improve the MI value, increase the degree of lubrication and liquidity. Polypropylene wax is used as demoulding agent.

Polypropylene wax can reduce the flat wire break off, improve the degree of finish. Polypropylene wax is ideal for polyolefin melt index of denaturant.

Due to use of fillers and additives in Polypropylene resin, injection molding becomes difficult, and the moulded product surface is rough. Addition of Polypropylene wax can be improve blended products liquidity, miscibility and make the product easy to demould, and improves the product finish.

Ink Industry:

Polypropylene wax can be used as a carrier in the manufacture of the electrostatic copier toner with excellent lubricating effect, improved melting point and durability and prevents reprint bond. In Inks Polypropylene wax can also be used for printing ink wear-resisting agent, which can improve the abrasion resistance of inks, and overcomes wipe up, and improves the temperature tolerance.

Polymer Resin Industry:

Polypropylene wax when used with LLDDE, HLPE resins improves the extrusion speed, increases the work efficiency, improves the appearance of the film quality and transparency, and eliminates the phenomenon of sharkskin.

Master batch Industry:

Polypropylene wax used in high temperature hot spinning masterbatch as dispersant and lubricant. Polypropylene wax is also used for high-temperature spinning masterbatch manufacturing, where PE wax cannot be used during high temperature spinning due to sublimation which also produces a peculiar smell. Polypropylene wax is specifically suitable for acrylic, polyester, nylon spinning dedicated masterbatch.

Adhesive Industry:

Polypropylene wax is used in the manufacture of high temperature hot melt adhesive.