Micronized sodium sulfate can be utilized in liquid detergents as a variety of purposes:

Viscosity Modifier

Micronized sodium sulfate can act as a viscosity modifier in liquid detergents, helping to control the thickness or flow properties of the detergent solution. This can improve the product’s stability and user experience.


It can help stabilize the formulation by preventing phase separation or settling of ingredients in the detergent solution, thereby maintaining uniformity and consistency.

pH Buffer

Sodium sulfate can also serve as a pH buffer in liquid detergents, helping to maintain the desired pH level of the solution. This is important for ensuring the effectiveness of the detergent’s cleaning action and compatibility with different types of water.


In some formulations, micronized sodium sulfate may act as a builder, helping to enhance the cleaning performance of the detergent by softening water and improving soil removal.

Processing Aid

Micronized sodium sulfate can aid in the manufacturing process of liquid detergents by improving the dispersion of other ingredients and facilitating homogeneous mixing.

Cost-effective Filler

Sodium sulfate is relatively inexpensive compared to other ingredients used in detergents. As a result, it can be used as a cost-effective filler to help reduce the overall production costs of liquid detergents.