Micronized Sodium Sulfate, also known as finely ground sodium sulfate, is a common ingredient used in the manufacturing of detergents and cleaning products. Its main uses in detergents include:


Sodium sulfate acts as a filler or diluent in powdered detergents. It helps bulk up the detergent powder without significantly contributing to its cleaning power, which can make the product more cost-effective to produce.

Flow agent

Micronized sodium sulfate helps to improve the flowability and pourability of detergent powders, making them easier to handle and dispense.

Texture and appearance

It can also contribute to the texture and appearance of the detergent powder, helping to give it a uniform and smooth appearance.

Bulk density control

Sodium sulfate can be used to control the bulk density of the detergent powder, ensuring that it has the desired level of density for packaging and transportation.

Detergent stability

It can help stabilize the formulation of detergents, preventing caking or clumping during storage and use.

Cost-effective formulation

Sodium sulfate is relatively inexpensive compared to other detergent ingredients, making it a cost-effective choice for detergent manufacturers.