Micronized oxidized polyethylene wax (MPOW) finds various applications in water-based pigment ink formulations, contributing to their performance and properties. Here are some common uses of MPOW in water-based pigment inks:

Surface Protection

MPOW can provide surface protection to printed materials by forming a thin, transparent layer over the ink pigments. This layer helps to improve the durability and resistance of the printed surface to scratching, abrasion, and moisture.

Enhanced Rub Resistance

Incorporating MPOW into water-based pigment inks can enhance the rub resistance of printed materials. The wax particles help to create a smoother surface, reducing the friction between the ink and the substrate, thereby improving the resistance to rubbing and smudging.

Improved Gloss

MPOW can contribute to enhancing the gloss and shine of water-based pigment inks. The wax particles help to reflect light more effectively, resulting in a brighter and more vibrant appearance of the printed colors.

Reduced Bronzing and Metamerism

Bronzing refers to the phenomenon where printed colors appear metallic or bronzed under certain lighting conditions. Metamerism occurs when printed colors change when viewed under different light sources. MPOW can help reduce both bronzing and metamerism by improving the dispersion and uniformity of ink pigments on the substrate.

Anti-Set-Off Properties

MPOW can provide anti-set-off properties to water-based pigment inks, preventing the printed surface from sticking to adjacent surfaces when stacked or rolled. This helps to improve the handling and storage of printed materials, reducing the risk of smudging or damage.

Improved Printability

MPOW can improve the printability of water-based pigment inks by enhancing their flow and levelling properties. This results in smoother ink deposition and better color consistency, especially on porous or uneven substrates.

Reduced Drying Time

By reducing the surface tension of water-based pigment inks, MPOW can help accelerate the drying process, leading to faster production speeds and improved efficiency in printing operations.

Compatibility with Substrates

MPOW enhances the adhesion of water-based pigment inks to a wide range of substrates, including paper, cardboard, textiles, and synthetic materials. This improves the versatility and applicability of the inks across different printing applications.