Sodium antimonate, also known as sodium meta antimonate, is a compound with the chemical formula NaSbO₃. It has various applications across different fields

Fire Retardants

Sodium antimonate is commonly used as a fire retardant in plastics, textiles, and other materials. It works by releasing water vapor and carbon dioxide when exposed to heat, diluting the flammable gases produced during combustion and suppressing the fire.

Glass Manufacturing

Sodium antimonate can be added to glass formulations to improve its refractive index and optical properties. It is also used in the production of lead-free glasses.


In ceramic applications, sodium antimonate is employed as a fluxing agent to lower the melting point of ceramic materials and improve their workability during firing.


It finds use in the electronics industry, particularly in the production of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) where it serves as a dielectric material.

Battery Technologies

Some research suggests that sodium antimonate may have potential applications in battery technologies, particularly in sodium-ion batteries, due to its ability to store and release sodium ions.

Overall, sodium antimonate serves various roles across different industries, contributing to the improvement of materials and processes in fields ranging from fire safety to advanced electronics.