Dioctyl adipate (DOA) is plasticizer commonly used in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) formulations. Plasticizers are additives added to PVC to improve its flexibility, workability, and durability by reducing brittleness.

DOA specifically provides good low-temperature flexibility and resistance to extraction by water. It’s often used in applications where these properties are crucial, such as automotive interiors, cables, flooring, and other flexible PVC products.

DOA works by physically interacting with the PVC polymer chains, reducing intermolecular forces and allowing for easier movement of polymer chains. This results in the softening and increased flexibility of the PVC material.

CAS No.:103-23-1
Other Names:Dioctyl adipate
EINECS No.:203-090-1
AppearanceColourless Transparent Liquid
Ester Content %99.5 min
Moisture %0.1 max
Acid Value mg KOH /g0.1 max
Color (APHA)30 max
Flash Point ℃190 min