Micronized Talc- Use As Filler In PP Pipes

Talc is one of the most useful mineral fillers which are compatible with the polypropylene (PP). Talc filled PP is used to produce water pipes. Different types of Pipes are Cold & Hot Water Pipes Drinking Water Pipes, Pressurised Water Pipes, Sewage Water Pipes. Talc increases rigidity, creep strength and impact resistance (particularly at low […]

Polypropylene Wax Use In Production Of Polypropylene Filament

Polypropylene wax is commonly used as an additive in the production of polypropylene filament to enhance various properties. When used in high viscosity polypropylene filament, polypropylene wax serves several purposes: Reducing Friction Polypropylene wax can reduce the coefficient of friction, allowing for smoother extrusion and processing of the filament. Improving Processability High viscosity polypropylene can […]

Polypropylene Wax Use In Electrostatic Copier Toner

Polypropylene wax is used in electrostatic copier toner formulations. Charge Control Polypropylene wax is often employed as a charge control agent in toner formulations. It helps regulate the electrostatic charge of the toner particles, ensuring proper adhesion to the photoreceptor and consistent transfer to the paper during the printing process. By adjusting the concentration of […]